GM Studio, LLC will bring your literary work of art to visual life with a fantastical cover! We start with a fully customized photoshoot where YOU are in control, and end with an impactful, one-of-a-kind piece of digital art that can be used for all of your marketing needs. We specialize in creating unique, cinematic style imagery through a photo-compositing process built on the principles of classical painting and illustration. Our unique process makes our work second to none as we’ve helped to create some of the most memorable covers in the industry. Check out some of our most popular work HERE!



Each cover receives a custom photoshoot that leaves no stone unturned. From costume creation, to prop styling, to talent scouting, to set design– if you can dream it we can shoot it! Authors are encouraged to join us on set as we welcome your input from start to finish!


Play dress up with us! We’ve built an extensive collection of over 100 historically accurate custom garments that we hope you’ll take advantage of! You’ll have complete access to not only our entire wardrobe, but also our team of costume designers to ensure all styling details are perfectly suited to your project. Costumes can also be rented for any additional marketing needs outside of the photoshoot.


Our design team will develop your visual brand by creating a cohesive look and feel for your cover including layout, fonts and colors. Your unique cover branding will build your marketing materials for print, audio, e-books, and social media.