Our approach is simple yet unique. Every author and title receives the individual attention it deserves through our customized process. Together, we’ll create a vision for your title and then tap our team of experts to help pull it all together. From costume design to branding, our process is customized to fit your needs, always a team effort, and never one-size-fits-all.




For over six years we’ve partnered with renowned Costume Designer Deborah Gerard to dream up some of the most elaborate looks you’ll ever see! The first step in building your unique look will be to develop a concept sketch with Deborah. From there, we’ll take you through our wardrobe of over 100+ custom garments and begin styling your shoot. We pride ourselves on the historical accuracy, conceptual creativity, and high-end quality of our designs as no detail goes unnoticed. Our team is always up for a challenge and ready to make your vision become a reality!


Designing your unique look doesn’t stop at the custom garments. We ensure all details are accounted for with 100% historical accuracy by sourcing the perfect props as well. Our costume design team will not rest until they’ve sourced the exact accessories needed to bring your vision to life. If there is an element that simply can’t be found, no problem we’ll make it ourselves!


Shoot day is where everything finally comes to life and where the fun begins! Special effects makeup artists and hairstylists step-in to add the finishing touches to the looks we’ve created together. This is also where we’ll discuss lighting design to capture the perfect mood. What time of day is it? What time of year is it?  Are we in an urban or rural setting? All of these details are vital elements in bringing your vision to life in a realistic yet fantastical manner. We’ll also discuss how the photography will run during the shoot and how your participation can be incorporated. Once the photography is complete, you will immediately receive all of your photos with full rights to the images. If you attend on shoot day, you’ll receive a free headshot too!


Upon approval of your cover art, we head into the final stage of your design with branding. This stage is where we can really begin to build your brand and focus on developing a one-of-a-kind look and feel for marketing and sales purposes. Title treatment, font/typeface, sizing, and layout are all crucial elements needed to market your series online and in print. All mechanicals for advertising purposes are provided to you and the costumes can also be rented for sales and marketing in relation to your books!


Can I still be involved in the photoshoot if I can't physically attend?

No problem! We often accommodate Authors who can’t physically attend a photoshoot simply by bringing the shoot to you through Facetime or Skype.

Will I be involved in choosing the costumes?

Yes! Not only will you have access to our entire custom wardrobe, but you will also have direct access to our costume designer to ensure every detail is accounted for.

Will I retain all copyrights for photos?

Absolutely! You will retain all rights to your photos to be used however, wherever, and whenever you want in the U.S. and abroad!

I may need additional sizing of images for Social Media, digital and print advertising. Will you also create these?

Yes! We can create additional images for you based on an a la carte pricing model. E-book packages include all online selling formats–Amazon, Kindle, Audio Books etc.

Will I need to provide the models or hair and makeup professionals for the photoshoot?

No, it’s all included in the Premiere Package! We handle everything so you don’t have to.

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes we accept PayPal, as well as Venmo and personal checks.

How many rounds of revisions are included?

Two rounds of revisions are included for both Art and Design.

When is payment due?

An initial deposit–which goes toward the price of your first cover–is required to initiate work. Additional payments are due at approval of each cover. All payments/work must be completed within one year.

How will my images be delivered to me?

Immediately following the photoshoot, we’ll send you a gallery of low-res JPEGs for browsing and selection purposes. After you’ve made your selections, we will send you hi-res JPEGs to download through DropBox at any time.

Will my images be archived somewhere?

Yes! We will keep ALL of your images (ones chosen for use and ones not) stored in our library in perpetuity. If at any point you want a new image we’ll have it ready to go!

I need a website too, can you help with that?

Yes! We’ve partnered with experienced website designers to help you create cost-effective web solutions. For more information please contact us!

I need interior artwork too; can you also help with that?

No. We do not create interior layout or fulfillment but if you attend the photoshoot you will receive a free Author’s headshot!

How do I initiate a project?

If you’re interested in working with Gene Mollica Studio, LLC please contact us via phone or email. After a brief consultation we will develop a creative brief as well as a statement of work which includes a detailed schedule of deliverables and payment plan. You will be invoiced after each cover is approved.