For over seven years renowned Costume Designer Deborah Gerard has been the creative force behind the GM Studio Costume Shoppe. Deborah has lead so many of our authors in dreaming up some of the most elaborate fashions one could imagine! The first step in building your unique look will be to develop a concept sketch with Deborah. We begin by getting to know your characters– their idiosyncrasies, their trappings, and the worlds they live in. From here, we’ll develop a mood for the cover by considering the target audience you’ll be marketing to and any historical or archetypal circumstances that would influence the design


Through our creative discussions, together we’ll finalize the concept for the costumes and any variations needed to broaden the depth of the character throughout the series. Once the final concept is approved, we will facilitate the process of choosing a model from one of the many elite NYC modeling agencies that we routinely work with. Using a unique and professional model for your cover art ensures that your character’s physical traits will shine through the way you envision and your character design will remain unrivaled. So often cover art within the romance, sci-fi, and paranormal universe use the same models time and again, making it difficult to tell one series from the next. GM Studio will always make sure your character’s model and physical styling is specific to your series and will stand-out from the masses. Once model selection is established, we’ll take you through our wardrobe of over 100+ custom garments to begin styling your shoot. Each project is the product of the collaborative input of our design/styling team and the author. Progress pictures are shared with the author on a step-by-step basis to keep you engaged in the creative process, and final design on track for shoot day.


As the design comes to life, we are continuously looking for ways to enhance the final look of your characters and their world through rare fabrics, jewelry/accessories, specialty props, and hair/makeup. Our costume design team will not rest until they’ve sourced the exact accessories needed to bring your vision to life. If there is an element that simply can’t be found, no problem we’ll make it ourselves! We pride ourselves on the historical accuracy, conceptual creativity, and high-end quality of our designs as no detail goes unnoticed.