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For over six years we’ve partnered with renowned Costume Designer Deborah Gerard to dream up some of the most elaborate looks you’ll ever see! The first step in building your unique look will be to develop a concept sketch with Deborah. We begin by getting to know your characters– their idiosyncrasies, their trappings, and the worlds they live in. From here, we’ll develop a mood for the cover by considering the target audience you’ll be marketing to and any historical or archetypal circumstances that would influence the design.



Through our creative discussions, together we’ll finalize the concept for the costumes and any variations needed to broaden the depth of the character throughout the series. Once the final concept is approved, a model is selected and we’ll take you through our wardrobe of over 100+ custom garments to begin styling your shoot. Each project stands on it’s own in the creative process and is the product of the collaborative input of our team and the author. Progress pictures are shared with the author on a step-by-step basis to keep you engaged in the creative process, and keeping the final product on track.

Clockworkcrown6717SPECIAL EFFECTS

As the design comes to life, we are continuously looking for ways to enhance the final look through rare fabrics, specialty props, and hair/makeup. We pride ourselves on the historical accuracy, conceptual creativity, and high-end quality of our designs as no detail goes unnoticed.


GM Studios specializes in creating unique, cinematic style imagery through a photo-compositing process built on the principles of classical painting and illustration. We take pride in our custom photoshoots that leave no stone unturned. From costume creation, to prop styling, to talent scouting, to set design; if you can dream it we can shoot it! Authors are encouraged to join us on set and we welcome your input from start to finish!